Top Plate

Our "New" Home away from Home!

   On May 31, 2014, Patti and I purchased a new slide in camper so we can be more comfortable at the beach. It's a 2013, 8.5' truck camper with a single slide-out built by one of those northwestern US companies. It has a motorized rear awning as well as a topper awning for the slide-out! It has a 30,000 BTU propane furnace, a propane 3 burner stove and oven, a microwave, a 7 cubic foot, double door refrigerator/freezer, two propane tanks, two batteries, an air conditioner, a 6 gallon propane hot water heater, a 2500 watt Cummins Onan generator, a 19" flat screen TV and all LED lighting, inside and out. The best part is the tanks - this baby has a 49 gallon fresh water tank, a 26 gallon gray water tank and a 22 gallon black water tank - makes a four night stay much easier.

Onan 2500 LP

Power Rear Awning with Nitrogen Gas Spring wind safety. 


Power for the AC and Microwave! 

"Long Stuff" drawer 
Six foot basement "Long Stuff" storage drawer...  

Happi-Jack Motorized stabilizer jacks 
New Happi-Jack motorized stabilizer jacks...

Inside A

Bright and spacious, for a short bed camper! 

Inside B

19 inch TV, microwave and propane oven are new to us. 

Inside C

Patti will have to do some packing as the new appliances have used former cabinet space! 

Inside D

If nothing else, DVD Movies on rainy days...

Inside E
Beautiful, clear Heki skylight with screen and blind 

Inside F
Cabinets, hamper and nice big windows...

Inside G
Seven cubic foot, double door Dometic refrigerator/freezer...  

Inside H
From one drawer in the Lance to four here... the panel below the drawers houses my 2000 watt inverter.

Inside J
Dinette table and benches are very nice!  Nice wide entry door too...

Inside K
Floor space... YES! 

Drawers under dinette benches... 
Large storage drawers under dinette benches... 

Rear view 
Roomier than our old Lance unit... 

Bath A
??? - Bath is roomier but sink leaves a bit to be desired! 

Bath B
Huge skylight and a vent with a fan... nice touch! 

On Friday, June 13th, Patti and I picked her up after having the solar panel installed and wired! Here's some pics from that part of the journey

The roof over the bathroom
Fantastic Fan and Bathroom Skylight and Vent

Sitting inside waiting for some work to be done
Just about to start the Solar Panel installation at Truck Camper Warehouse

Sideview in the shop
Inside where it's nice and dry!

Jess moving the panel into place
Jess moves the 140 watt/7.6 amp Panel into place, then...

Getting ready to bolt it down
...screws it down and seals it from the elements.

Installed! Patti looking up
One 140 watt, 7.6 amp US Solar panel... that should keep the pair of Trojan Deep Cycle batteries charged! Patti thinking "Boy that's all he needs is someplace higher to fall from!"

Loaded and ready to come out...
Loaded, tied down and ready to move her outside!

Backed up to the Lance for comparison
Backed up to the Lance for a mattress swap...

After meeting with Sean G.
At a Hotel in Gardner after Sean checked it out and headed home.

Flagpole adapted 1 Flagpole adapted 2
I adapted the old flag pole mount...  ...from the Lance's right side! 

Motor mount Up and away
I had clearance problems on the right...  ...with the Generator Door.

Maiden Voyage

All set up in the Sand, where she belongs!
Sandy Neck finally
Flags blowin', sunshine...
Maiden Voyage too.

That new slideout... what a difference it makes!

Sunset on the longest day of the year...
From above!

Michael's Buddy Jim took this from above...

Patti and I watching with Cathy Cabbage.

Patti and I sitting with Cathy Cabbage at Sunset!
Duece and a Half Camper

Awww Man! Sean and I wanted to build one of these!!!
More to Come!