- The Paint Job -

   The images below are of my new two-tone color scheme with silver pinstriping and airbrush work. The photo below is a sunset shot I took at Sandy Neck Beach in Barnstable. My wife and I were there on my 57th birthday and I shot this with my Nikon D80 Digital SLR. I didn't realize that I had captured the seagull until the pictures were transferred to my PC at home. Anyway, that picture kind of represents what it's like camping on the beach so I used that as the background for the new rear quarter artwork on my truck. I removed Ford's "4X4 Offroad" stickers, scuffed the surface for adhesion and then airbrushed the sunset scene (pictured left) onto the rear quarters. I then had some new custom vinyl lettering cut at Signs by Tomorrow in Norton, MA to replace the original Ford stickers.

"As the Sun Sets on my 57th Year"


The Two-tone Paint is DONE - Black Cherry panels offset by 1/4" silver pinstriping...

The "Black Cherry Mica" stripe turns a deep sparkling maroon when in the sun!

New N-Fab Nerf Steps are on...

My airbrush still works after many, many years...

...Metallic Silver Vinyl lettering by "Signs by Tomorrow" in Norton, MA...

...matches the silver pinstriping and my airbrushed dragon nicely. Thanks Melanie!

- HornBlasters 228VX Train Horn Kit -

How About Some NOISE?

   A new set of HornBlasters 228VX Train Horns were ordered and have been mounted. The VIAIR 400C Fast-Fill air compressor and Horn-Air 2 gallon tank are mounted in the bed. It's all wired, plumbed and powered up. During a New England Patriot's game just before I had the compressor wired, I brought my garage air compressor up to 80lbs and used a blow gun to pump some air into the manifold when the Patriots scored... HOLY S@#T! These babies make some NOISE!

My new set of Hornblasters 228VX Train Horns...

...mounted on both sides of a 3/8" aluminum plate...

...and are now securely mounted under the truck.

Compressor and Air Tank are mounted in the bed...

View looking forward under the bed from the

Mounted on Left side due to right side camper

right rear wheel well.

interference limitations...

It's be finished and ready to... MAKE SOME NOISE!

- New Winch Bumper -

   The Nose with it's NEW LOOK below - It consists of a Road Armor Stealth Bumper with Pre-runner Bar and Smittybilt XRC 12 Winch from Top Gun Customz of Alcoa, TN.

   Two PIAA '5164' - 4 inch Driving Lights and two PIAA "5161" - 4 inch Fog Lights, both from eBay are installed in the Road Armor light pods. I then installed two KC Rally 800 - 8 inch Long Range lights on the Pre-runner Bar... more on them below!

Mounted, wired and ready for Beach Work!

UFO or USD? You be the judge... here's the light array on the new bumper!

Same place - picture of actual light output with NO FLASH!

   Yes, unfortunately, the KC lights have been stolen off the truck right in my driveway. Not once but twice - After about a month, I ordered another set and put them on. About three weeks later, they struck again - now there's a pair of empty mounting holes.

 "Congratulations" to all the "Scumbags" who prey on other peoples' hard work!


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